A Short History of Callville Bay

Callville Bay Resort & Marina derives its name from the permanent settlement of Callville, known alternately as Call’s Landing, Call’s Fort, and Old Callville. The Mormons, on their expansion west, needed a reliable route for their supplies to reach Salt Lake City, Utah. The settlement, containing residences, a warehouse, and irrigation systems, was established on December 2, 1864 by Anson Call, James Whitmore, A. M. Cannon, Jacob Hamblin and son, under a directive to Call by Brigham Young. The steamboat port of Callville was used for shipping freight to Salt Lake City as a result of complletion. A large warehouse was constructed first, followed by a landing, post office and corral.

The steamboat Esmeralda completed a trip in October 1866 and delivered 100 tons of freight. In January 1867, the Army arrived at El Dorado and Fort Callville became an outpost until May 1868. Callville, at the time was so desolate, isolated and lonely, that it had the most desertions of any Army company stationed at El Dorado. Though steamboats and barges trading salt between Rioville and El Dorado still made a few stops at Callville after the transcontinental railroad was completed in northern Nevada in 1869, the Mormons' plans for a supply route via the Colorado was eventually abandoned. The bay was formed and the settlement was submerged after the Colorado River was dammed to form Lake Mead, and subsequently, the National Park Service and concession developments at Callville Bay began in 1967, after the North Shore Road was completed around 1966.

History of Callville, Nevada

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